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Donate and help science

DIYbio Belgium is a non-profit organization, we thrive on because of passionate and volunteer members.

All donations are invaluable to us, and every cent is used 100% for our
DIYbio Belgium projects.

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Do not throw it away, we recycle!

Have you used reagents? Useless culture media? Laboratory equipment just collecting dust?

Please do not throw it away! We recover still functional or easily repairable material and give it a new life!

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Scientific Projects

We focus mainly on making laboratory equipment and molecular biology.

Our projects consist out of programing bacteria, studying the bacterial flagellum, sequencing our own genome...

Want to contribute to our projects? Or start your own project?

We are here to help you!

What's DIYbio Belgium ?

A community to promote biology for everyone.

We want to offer a laboratory full equipped for our members and allow everyone to do scientific research.

The DIYbio is also a desire to make an "Open Source" science  and democratize the practice of biology.

More information on the practice of DIYbio?